Driven by the fascination of the Concorde and the lack of an electric driven semi scale RC-model, Harald Matussek and Lars Habedank engaged themselves in developing an impeller powered Concorde.
    From the very beginning the focus of this project lay on the "scaleness" of the model.
    It was not only the original's shape and appearance which have been transfered but also we drew importance to realistic flight characteristics. In order to have such realistic flight characteristics it is important to have an extreme lightweight construction whereby this model is able to fly slow compared to its dimensions.

    The fuselage and wing combine scale appearance with light weight construction. After years of challenging development to the status quo multiple power plants, wingprofiles and fuselage constructions were developed, constructed and tested in normal operation. All this lead to a very satisfying result.

    All glassfibre parts are designed and produced in Germany.



    The whole model is a glass fibre vacuum sandwich construction. It is very light weight - all glasfiber parts have only a weight of in sum 5.1kg. The fuselage consits of 2 parts, easy for transportation (~1.8m and ~1.6m long). Besides the fuselage, there are 3 other parts: left wing, right wing and center section. A special retract was developed with a realistic concorde design.

    The retract works electric and has 2 braked wheels on each main retract (4 braked wheels in total). This is necessary if you fly on a paved runnway.

    The kit includes all glass fibre parts (already painted white), retracts, wheels and brakes.

    An additional kit to install the realistic nose movement is available. It can either be powered by two 90mm EDFs with 12S 8000mAh Lipos or one or two turbines. The take off weight is between 11-12 kg depending on the setup.

    Technical Data

    Length: 3400mm

    Wingspan: 1450mm

    Engine: 2× 90mm Electric Ducted Fan or 2 Turbines

    Battery: 12S 8000mA/h (2x6s 8000mA/h)

    Flying Time: ~ 7 Minutes ~12 Minutes with Turbines

    Take Off Weight: Depending on the equipment 11-14 kg


    For Pilots

    This model is not only a pleasure for the audience. For the pilot the HM Modelltechnik Concorde offers a stable flight attitude in gusty winds and also in the range of the stall speed.
    A stall will be recovered after a loss of only a few meters altitude with an appropriate powerplant. Short take off and landing roll distances will not be a problem with the recommended equipment. Diligent assistants aren't necessarily required since the model consists of multiple parts and can be transported to the airfield in a medium-class car. We also placed importance to the fast and uncomplicated setup at the airfield. 

    It is a breathtaking feeling to hear after a succesfull flight, excited viewers thought the real Concorde was up in the air.

    The myth Concorde continues to live and exist in the sky albeit only in small scale.


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